Living in Groningen, Marc Wehbe a.k.a. Dj Melo is working his way to top tier Dj status. He puts his unique sound to display on a regular basis, performing for various crowds, keeping people moving with a unique mix various genres with his specialty being  Hiphop and R&B, but also blending in Dancehall, Reggaeton, Moombahton, House and Trap.

Starting playing keyboards at age 9, Marc started his musical journey. After being pretty good as a kid, he decided to take a break from playing several years later, and casually listen, as he just started to learn more about Hiphop music. Years later, after widening his horizons and meeting actual deejays by working night shifts in bars and clubs, Melo decided to mess around with Virtual Dj, acting cool and recording stuff with his laptop. As a result of studying the game, that messing around has transitioned into professional deejaying, and after a couple of performances at a local clothing store, it was time to give it a shot to go big.

Melo has been an opening Dj for several nationally known artists like Hef & Team Vieze and Dope D.O.D. , and has also been part of line-ups for several events alongside artists like Sticks, JeBroer, Ronnie Flex, Kalibwoy, Broederliefde, Darryl, Bokoesam, Dio and many more. Venues he performed at in Groningen include Newscafe, Huize Maas, Simplon, Oosterpoort and the Grote Markt, just as various locations around Groningen. His highlight of 2013 was being the showcase DJ for the urban area (SENA talent stage) at Stadspark, Groningen for the annual freedom festival on May 5th, performing for over 5000 people.

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